The Quick Contacts

What is it?
The Quick Contacts window contains the list of all TimeMaker Users and the list of e-mail contacts saved in your Personal Contacts folder and your Outlook contacts. Quick Contacts:
1.Displays which TimeMaker Users within your organization are online.
2.Enables the initiation of an instant and secure chat with any TimeMaker User within your organization.
3. Provides a quick way to create an Action Item, TimeMaker Message or e-mail.
4.Enables TM’s Desktop Sharing feature.
5.Provides quick access to the selected TimeMaker User’s or e-mail user’s Contact information.
6.Provides a quick method of dialing the phone number of the selected TM or e-mail user.

How to use?
To display the Quick Contacts window, go to the main menu of the e-Mail 2.0 Module. Click the View drop down menu, then click Show Quick Contacts.
To hide the Quick Contacts window, click  on the Quick Contacts title bar.
To initiate a private and secure Chat with a TimeMaker User, double-click the name of the user you want to talk to.
To initiate Desktop Sharing, select the user and click on the Quick Contacts toolbar
To access Contact information, select and double click the Contact from the Quick Contacts list.
To dial a phone number, select the user and click on the Quick Contacts toolbar

On the left side of the e-Mail 2.0 module window, below the Communication Folders.
If Today’s Calendar is displayed, the Quick Contacts window will be located below it.