View Filter

What is it?
The Filter is a sophisticated tool that allows you to set the way data will be presented.
Using the Filter, you can choose to display the List of Items Window based on the status of the items’ Sent Date, Received Date, Target Date or Tag Date. You can also ensure that Tagged Items are showing regardless of the Filter selected.
The Filter can also quickly Filter specific users by typing in the To/From field the or Email address.
The Pull Down menu of the Filter has a set of pre-defined Item Type based Filters that enable the you to display the your choice of Production Items and/or Plans and/or TimeMaker Messages and/or Emails and/or Failed Operations and/or based on the Performer, Items Assigned – Past Due and/or My Items.
This extremely powerful feature also has the ability to define User Defined Filters.

What happens if clicked?
The Filter toolbar appears. The Filter enables the user to set the way in which data is presented in the List of Items Window.