Contacts Module

What is it?
The Contacts module is the management center for the user’s private and shared Contacts.
The Contacts module is where the user records identifying Contact details and other information about a company or person, and where Private or Public Distribution Lists get created and managed.
The TM User can create an unlimited number of user defined fields for storing unique types of data.
The Contacts module can consist of an unlimited number of Contact Folder that can be Public, meaning shared, or Personal, meaning private.
Contacts can be grouped utilizing Distribution Lists .
When using TM in combination with Microsoft Office Outlook, all Microsoft Office Outlook contacts will be presented and managed by TM.

What happens if clicked?
The Contacts Module opens. From the Contact module, you can create, edit or manage your Contacts and their related information and Distribution Lists .
Contact data can be viewed in various formats, including Address Cards, Detailed Address Cards, Phone List, Category, Company and Location.
You can create and manage user defined Custom Fields and setup and manage the relationships between companies and Contacts.

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