TMmail Account

What happens if clicked?

The TMmail Account Manager window will appear.

In this window you can see:
1. The current TimeMaker e-mails you have and their Associated Emails.

2. The list of your Executive Assistants.

From the side panel you can:
1. Create a TimeMaker email account,

2. Create Associations between your TM e-mail account and your existing e-mail accounts,

3. Add Executive Assistants,

4. Create an “Out of Office” message,

5. Establish a forwarding rule for incoming e-mails to various e-mail accounts or SMS,

6. Remove e-mail Associations as well as Executive Assistant accounts,

7. Access the Filtering Office,

8. Access the Junk Mail configuration,

9. Access your personal Contact information,

10. Access the TimeMaker system configuration,

11. View the overall size of all of your e-mails.



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