Quick Filing mini Panel

What is it?
The Quick Filing mini Panel is a panel that allows you to file Emails and TimeMaker Messages based on your predefined rules, eliminating the need to drag emails to a complicated Folder Structure, thus effectively creating your filing policy.
Filing Rules are used to define where an email or TimeMaker Message will be filed once it has been handled.
An email or TimeMaker Message can have an unlimited number of rules defining where the email or Message will be filed, allowing you to decide which rule to apply for a specific email or Message.
For example, rules can be established to direct that all emails from a particular person will be filed at this person’s Folder. You may, however, want some of the emails from this person filed in a Folder related to something this person is working on, or in your personal Folder.
The Filing Rule is a powerful way to define the semi-automatic (requires user action) filing conditions.
Sent emails and TimeMaker Messages can also be directed for filing in specific Folders based on established Filing Rules, thus ensuring all related communications are filed in one Folder and are easily accessible.
Filing Rules also enable Cross Filing by copying the email or TimeMaker Message to more than one Folder when desired. This feature allows easy access to information in the future. The emails and Messages are not actually copied but a link is created, thus despite use of Cross Filing, the size of the database is essentially not affected.

NoteThe panel will be shown only for Emails and TimeMaker Messages when an applicable Filing Rule exists.

What happens if clicked?
The Quick Filing mini Panel is presented (when Filing Rules exist and are applicable) allowing the quick filing of Emails and TimeMaker Messages.