Progress Board

A typical limitation on management is the lack of a clear picture of the workload being handled by each company division, department or employee, and the ability to easily identify overdue targets and incomplete cycles of action.  TimeMaker solves these age old problems with its unique Progress Board feature.

The TimeMaker Progress Board represents a revolutionary concept in task management, enabling user-defined views of the status of any or all item(s) being worked on by any, some or all network users on one screen.  Presented as a chart of all currently planned, in-progress, completed and incomplete Action Items, the TimeMaker Progress Board provides the ability to quickly access company production and eliminates wasted time involved in tracking the progress of production.  With the Progress Board you can see it all in one glance.

The TimeMaker Progress Board is equipped with a powerful yet easy to use system of filters allowing the user to quickly choose from a variety of viewpoints.  Whether applied for one individual, specific users or for your entire company, the Progress Board filters create views consisting of your choices,  in-progress and planned Production Items, items completed on time or beyond their assigned target date, the Production Items within any specified date range, and much more.  For ease of use, the Progress Board filter system is designed with a powerful “Find” feature capable of locating specific words within the active filter.

For ease in identifying the status of production items, the TimeMaker Progress Board is color-coded.  Using a color system, the user can easily check the target date compliance for an individual, department or the entire company.