Importance field

Shows how much the TimeMaker Item is important so you can now what is the priority of the task.

What happens if clicked?
List of Items is sorted according to this column.

The ! Column – Importance refers to the urgency of the TimeMaker Item . This column is represented by an Icon the urgency of the TimeMaker Item .

TM has two general levels of urgency.

Standard and user defined.

The Standard Urgency Level refers to Normal and Rush and being represented by the following icons:

The User Defined levels get defined by the Administrator and allow to setup from 1 up to 9 levels of urgencies. The 1 level represents the most urgent level.

First, third and ninth levels are shown by default:

To name levels of Importance:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Administration, and then click Importance.

2. In the Name field, specify the names for the levels you want to be shown.