Email configuration guide

How to set-up your Email
If you want to use TimeMaker with already existing non-TimeMaker e-mail account, it is necessary to do a few steps.

Setup of the non-TimeMaker e-mail account you need prepare at the side of your e-mail provider.  You don´t have to give us your password of your e-mail (We don’t even want to know your password).

For the receieving emails we use the Forwarding.
For sending we use an Association.

1. Forwarding
You have to set-up forwarding to your TimeMaker e-mail address. How to find your TimeMaker e-mail addres is described here.
Forwarding can be set-up at website of your e-mail provider.
For the set-up, please choose your e-mail provider from the list below: 

If your provider is not listed, contact our customer support.

2. Association
Association is form of connection enabling user to use custom non-TimeMaker email address within the TimeMaker.
For set-up please follow instructions described in chapter Email Association

How to add your TimeMaker e-mail address in your cellphone: