E-Mail 2.0 Module

About E-Mail 2.0 Module 
The E-Mail 2.0 Module is the management and control center for all of the user’s internal and external communications, including Action Items, TimeMaker Message , Microsoft Office Outlook e-mails, Meeting invitations and Action List items, and the storage facility for completed communications.
The E-Mail 2.0 Module is the management and control center for TimeMaker’s Collaboration Maker.

What is it?
E-mail 2.0 is the new generation e-mail system that is much more than e-mail. E-mail 2.0 is a communication center that allows the user to truly control all his communications, including Tasks, Messages, Meetings , Plans, CRM Items, Work Flow Items, Action List Items, Microsoft Office Outlook e-mails, and folders and files stored at TM’s Collaboration Maker.
E-mail 2.0 is equipped with a powerful, customizable filtering system allowing you to set your communication features to work as you like.
E-mail 2.0 automatically stores all of the user’s communications based on the State of the communication as defined by the user.

What happens if clicked?
The E-mail 2.0 module is opened.
From the E-mail 2.0 module you can create and manage all your communications.
Utilizing TM’s sophisticated E-mail 2.0 folder structure and filtering system you will be able to effectively and quickly manage your communications.
You will also be able to view, manage and control all your Microsoft Office Outlook e-mails and folders without the need to open Microsoft Office Outlook as TM is FULLY integrated with Microsoft Office Outlook.

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