Delivery of sent emails (anti SPAM solution)

As we live in the age of SPAM, we should care about our “anti spam email-score”.
Due to email-score, the SPAM filters and servers decide to pass sent email into recipient inbox, to the SPAM folder or it will be not delivered at all.

This guide is for the Advanced users! If you are not sure, what are you doing, please contact to help you.

You can check your score for example here: – send the email to the shown email address and click check score.

Here is a few steps how to improve your email score:

1) SPF record
Sender Policy Framework is an email authentication method designed to detect forging sender addresses during the delivery of the email.
If you wish to know your SPF record, please contact the;
This will help your associated email domain name to pass to the recepient address through SPF check.

2) Content of the email
Please be aware, that a lot of html, inserted images and URLs might be considered as SPAM by SpamAssasin.
Always try to have better plain text ratio.

3) No Broken links
Please make sure, that all links inside your email are working.

4) SPAM black lists
Your email address should not be blacklisted at any of the known SPAM lists. You can check it via  .

If your email is still considered as SPAM, please contact TimeMaker support at . We will solve the situation with you.